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Hey there BeachBums!

Welcome to my new page where all things beach will reign supreme!!  

I am in love with the beach… it has been a long and faithful love affair and it shows no signs of letting up.  The waves, the sand, the colors, the scent, the treasures to be found… all lift my spirit and restore my soul.  If you have found your way here, I am betting you feel the same way.  There is just nothing to compare with looking out at the sunlight diamonds dancing on the waves of the big blue sea.  And it doesn’t matter which sea; the Caribbean, the Pacific, Atlantic, Mediterranean, the Sea of Cortez, the Gulf of Mexico… each is a joy to behold and a force to respect. The gifts of the sea are immeasurable and the world under the surface is awe inspiring. 

I am partial to a sea that is that is indescribable in its many shades of blue; azure – turquoise – sky – aqua, warm & clear, rimmed with dazzling white sand framed with wafting palm trees; the beaches for which I return to the Caribbean again and again to delight in, to the almost neglect of the ocean I live very near to. I have been heard to say that the beaches near me aren’t beaches they are shorelines; covered in rocks and boulders,  dusty sand that is grey – when there is sand, with water that is too cold to swim in.

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However, just a short hop south and the shoreline becomes beach as the rocks become sand.  The further south you go the wider and sandier (is that a word??) they get, turning golden brown and eventually white.  They widen into hilly dunes in Oregon, and pines turn to palms somewhere in California.  Truth be told, there is beauty to see at every beach from the top of Alaska all the way down into the Baja Peninsula. 

So what better way to kick off this Beach Lifestyle Blog than with a road trip, beach-hopping the west coast from Northern California to Vancouver B.C.  With no real timeline, no set itinerary, no agenda other than to find out the delights each beach holds.  I plan to metal detect in the mornings and beach glass hunt in the afternoons.  I will explore the towns and villages attached to each beach.  And I will let you know what I find.

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Come along with me as we explore what a portion of the west coast of this great continent of North America has to show us.  First stop will be Fort Bragg, California where the famed Glass Beach awaits, and then we will beach hop all the way up the coast to British Columbia.  I don’t know about you, but I am excited and cannot wait for the trip to begin.

Love and Seashells,

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