Sea Glass Museum, Ft.Bragg

Hey all BeachBums!

So before I left Ft.Bragg for northern beaches, I had two stops I wanted to make. 

The first was at the Sea Glass Gallery and Museum which is south on the Hwy about 5 min.  

sea glass museum

The place is owned and operated by a grizzly curmudgeon of a man, Capt. Cass Forrington.  He knows everything there is to know about Sea Glass Beaches.  And he has been collecting for a long time – there are display cases filled with carefully laid out specimens sorted by color and type.  He also has a lot of pictures of how the beach used to look and it was in that moment I realized how vastly the beach has been depleted of glass. It used to be absolutely covered in it.  And there were types of glass that are no longer there at all. I would love to have seen it a decade ago when it was amazing.  I must have driven right past it without knowing it was there on a trip I took many years ago.  So sad!

One of many display cases full of different kinds and colors of sea glass.

There is a lot of seaglass jewelry for sale here as well, a bit on the expensive side but some is really beautiful.

I asked him about Glass Beach #2 which is supposed to be full of glass like #3 used to be. He told me how to get there and I headed straight there after spending time looking at all of the displays.

When you arrive at the parking lot for Glass Beach, take the path straight to the end, then take the paved pathway that runs to the left; eventually you will come to a seating area that has been roped off from the cliff edge.  Climb over the rope and you will see a sign and a steep path down to #2.  It is treacherous and not to be attempted by those with weak knees!  The beach is on private land, unlike #3 which is in a state park, so you are free to go down and take as much glass as you like.  Oh – and the lapping waves make a sound here like I’ve never heard before – it is the glass rubbing against other glass.  Sounds amazing.

The very steep path down to Glass Beach #2, not to be taken lightly!

I also took a quick drive through the ‘old town’ to see what was there.  


And with that, it was back on the road. Next stop Crescent City, CA!

Safe trails,


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