Good day, BeachBums!!

Another day, another beach!

This beach is easy to find, just look for the huge trestle that crosses it as you head north out of town – there is a left-turn lane off the 101.  It is not a very wide beach, insofar as beaches go on this coast, but it is very very deep.  There is limited parking and it is a bit of a walk across medium packed sand to get to the water.  Pulling a cart or wheeled cooler is easy on the sand.

pudding beach, fort bragg
Pudding Beach from trestle.

There is nothing to beachcomb here, not even a seashell.  So I pulled out my metal detector and found nothing at the water’s edge at low tide, but found the following items up on dry sand where people spread out for the day.

Quite the haul for a first timer!
I was shocked when I dug up this throwing star – turns out it is a fidget spinner (the blades aren’t sharp, but the points are).

There is a rock cliff on the left side of the beach that has a cave.  I am not brave enough to explore that (you know, bats and spiders) but it would probably be fun for dad and older kids. The beach itself is not very busy, most of the people who use it are guests of the hotel on the bluff to the north. There’s loads of room to spread out and still be far from anyone else.

There is spotty cell phone reception on this beach.

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