Beachcombing Kellogg Beach, Crescent City CA

Howdy, BeachBums!

Crescent City has a huge beach, right on the 101 that everyone goes to.  I went there and it’s lovely, don’t get me wrong… but I was looking for something else, something different. A bit off the beaten track.  So I did a quick search online and found what I was looking for – Kellogg Beach just a few minutes north not far off the 101.

There is no parking lot at this beach, just park at the side of the road when you get to the end of Kellogg Beach Road.  The beach is deep and very very long – I am guessing 5+miles.  The sand is loose and soft so it is difficult to walk on and nigh on impossible to drag a wheeled cooler or cart over (ask me how I know this).

If you walk a short ways to the right once you enter the beach, you will find the sand turns pebble-y near the water and there is some great beachcombing here.  Take a look at what I found in just an hour or so of searching:

Seashell pieces, polished by the sea. Jewelry grade! 
Pretty colored rocks on the left; smooth whites sorted by size in the middle, and rough whites on the right.
crescent city
I am pretty sure all of these are agates, but for sure the 5 small ones on the right are. 


The beach is easy to find from Crescent City – head north on the 101, turn left on Kings Valley Road (sign on Hwy marks it), go to the end and turn right, then left on Kellogg Road (video at the end of this post). All the way at the end is the entrance to the beach.  Vehicles are allowed on the beach but DO NOT attempt unless you have a four wheel drive truck.  I would imagine it could be very expensive to get a tow off of that sand.

kellogg beach

Not the blue line all the way, stay on the 101 where the line turns grey and then continue on the blue line.

There are no facilities within sight of this part of the beach; not sure about elsewhere.  I suggest taking chairs, a blanket or two (it can get chilly in the wind off of the sea) and a cooler with drinks and some food. Make sure whatever you take you can carry or you will be sorry.  I am very grateful to a woman who was leaving the beach at the same time I was with her companion and then came back to help me with my wheeled cart, the wheels of which were not doing so well in the soft sand.  Had she not been so kind, it would have taken me an hour to get to my car.  For beachcombing, you don’t need it but a small rake of some kind will yield more treasures just below the surface.

There was virtually no one at this massive beach; two guys fishing, two other guys sunning, two women sunning (one who helped me), and every 20 min or so a couple would walk by (usually with a dog or two).

There is lots of small driftwood at the top of the beach, perfect for bonfires.  Check to make sure they are not banned due to dry conditions in fire season.

The weather changes fast in these parts; it was cloudy yet warm when I arrived and was that way for a couple of hours then, suddenly, the clouds were almost all gone and the sun came out – for 10 minutes – then the clouds were back.  And by clouds I mean, socked in. Not the fluffy kind.










There is good cell phone reception at this beach.

Love and sunshine,


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