Displaying Your Beach Treasures

Hi BeachBums!

Here are some of the ways I display my beach treasures.  Maybe they will inspire you to get yours out of the drawer and into the sunlight! 

Sand and coral display

The bottles holding the sand are from IKEA and are $1 each. The tags are from Michaels and come in a package of 10 for about $4.


Displaying sea urchin shells
Seaglass display – glass pail
















Both of these containers were purchased at Home Sense.


Seaglass display sorted by colour

These containers were thrift store finds or, in the case of the small bottles on the left, held specialty cooking oil.


Pottery bits display

This is a tea light holder.


Pebbles and driftwood display

The holder on the left is from Home Sense, the bowl is a thrift store find, and the driftwood holder was a candle.


Displaying seashell pieces

This is actually a drinking glass I found at Home Sense.


You just need to get a little creative and almost anything can be used to display your finds! Grouping the items together in groups of odd numbers works best visually.

Happy Collecting!


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