Flip Flop Nails!

These nail decals are so adorable, I can not wait to try them out.  What a fun way to beach up your nails for a tropical holiday or the summer.   And at this price, we can try them all!! Get them here: http://tidd.ly/e0de2cfe

Custom Flip Flops

How fun is this?  Leave your mark on the sand wherever you go.  I ordered a pair with sandybeachbum.ca on the bottom!  I love them!! These very comfortable flip flops can be customized to say whatever you want – got a flip flop wedding coming up?  Leave your bride and groom’s names in the sand; […]

Cotton Caftan

What a pretty beach cover-up – just what you need to throw on over a swimsuit when headed to the beach or pool. In a cotton gauze, it comes in 20 colours, including my favourite – turquoise!  Find it here: http://tidd.ly/c7c73001

cart made just for the beach

Folding Beach Cart

Perfect for hauling all that stuff you need for a great day at the beach – this is the cart I wish I had bought (the tires on my cart are not up to the soft sand).  Folds down to only 10″ thick and has a storage case to keep it all neat and tidy […]

wave ring - one size fits all

Sterling Silver Wave Ring

Oh how I LOVE this wave ring!!  So simple and elegant.  This is a must have for any beachbum! Made from 1 mm .925 sterling silver it comes in adjustable or fixed size.  Also available in 14k rose gold, and 14k gold filled.  You can even get creative with them and put the whole ocean […]

Round Beach Blanket

LOVING this beach blanket, set yourself apart at the beach this summer with this gorgeous pattern – can also be worn as a cover-up – kind of a cool idea; whip off your cover up and spread it out to bask on.  I’ve started seeing these on the beach and they’re so much prettier than […]

Do Not Disturb

Who doesn’t love a straw hat for the summer? And this is a great hat to wear to the beach, especially one with a lot of people trying to sell you stuff at your lounger. LOVE IT!  Now if they had it in Spanish – lots of beach vendors in Mexico and the Dominican Republic […]