The Beauty of the Oregon Coast pt.5 – Pacific City

Hey y’all, BeachBums!

So I was tootling along, the shadows growing long, and I saw a sign on the 101 for a cutoff to a place called Pacific City.  Not sure why, but my curiosity was instantly piqued and I felt compelled to go take a look so I pulled off and took the short and winding road (less than 10 min) to this absolute gem of a place.  I had no idea of its existence before this moment.

It is a cozy little ‘town’ right on the water, kind of trapped between the sea and some sandy, dune-like cliffs – it felt snug and compact and completely charming. The beach, again, is wide and deep, and…. AND… it has a huge rock out in the water the same as Cannon Beach! There were a lot of people gathered at the beach when I arrived; some had their cars pulled right onto the sand, and there was an air of anticipation – like something was about to happen.  And it almost seemed like everyone knew everyone else. Teens were hanging out, talking and laughing; little kids were chasing each other to screams and peals of laughter; adults were bunched together in knots here and there having a good time.  I have a feeling that this place is not known to many but to those who do know, it is a very special place and they come back year after year for their summer vacation and see the same people there – it had that sort of feeling to it.  Almost like a family camp, if you’ve ever been to one of those.  I was absolutely smitten with the place.

beach at pacific city
The rock of Pacific City

I would definitely go back to this spot to stay a while.  It seems very family oriented and a super safe place.  Kind of the idyllic summer vacation spot.  I am so glad I followed the urge to take a detour!

Happy Adventures!


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