The Beauty of the Oregon Coast pt.4 – Agate Beach, Newport

Hey BeachBums!

So I was really looking forward to visiting Agate Beach because I have just become interested in collecting agates after finding a few in Crescent City at Kellogg Beach and reading up on them.  So a trip to this beach was a must-do!

Well, let me tell you – this beach is something else. It is one dune after another.  The entire beach. It makes it very difficult to walk on.  And again,  super windy.  There were also a lot of people at the beach, more than I’d seen at any other thus far in the trip. 

view of agate beach
Agate Beach looking south
agate beach
Agate Beach looking north












And not only that, there were no agates anywhere I looked.  Not even a rock. So if you want a big beach with lots of hills and valleys, this is your beach.  If you’re wanting terrain that is easy to traverse and to do some beachcombing for agates (or anything else) then I suggest somewhere other than here.

There was a lot of bits of plastic garbage in the sand, which dismayed me.  It looked like it had washed up from the ocean except that it was  such a long way back from the tide line.

sand of agate beach
A lot of bitty plastic garbage on Agate Beach.
sand and surf agate beach
Clean water line with no beachcombing opportunities

Good cell reception, no bathrooms at the entry point off of NW Oceanview Drive. 

Continuing on, I made a stop at Depoe Bay for an hour or so to look around at the stores on the beachfront.  There is a great wind sock and whirly-gig shop there called Zephyrus. They had some super cute windup toy crabs that made me laugh out loud, and I bought two.  It was a very busy little town and popular with the tourists as you can see from the picture below.

Shops on the waterfront at Depoe Bay

Happy Agate Hunting!


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