The Beauty of the Oregon Coast pt.3 – Stonefield Beach

Hi Again, BeachBums!

As I was continuing along the 101, jamming to some newly discovered Tropical House beats, I spied a narrow turn-off with a sign “Stonefield Beach”.  The name intrigued me so I pulled a fast left into a tiny parking area that was almost full of cars – like 6 cars.  Every car had someone either getting out or getting in and they all had at least one dog, or two or three.  Seems it is a popular spot with the doggy parents.

It was a short walk down a narrow sand path that was partly blocked with driftwood, but it soon opened up to another huge beach.  However, this one was very different, and hence the name.

stonefield beach
Stone piles by some creatives.
stonefield beach usa
Interesting pattern of vertical ‘stripes’ made by sand blown over the stones.

Lots and lots and LOTS of stones.  Thousands. The average size being about the size of my hand.

AGAIN, super windy.  Nothing to beachcomb except some stones if you need them. There’s loads of sandy beach with no stones once you walk down onto the beach further, they seem to all be in one spot at the top of the beach as you enter, and then a ton of them to the right (when looking at the water) where a river flows into the sea.  All in all a very unique location but not one I would recommend for anything other than a look-see and a place to let the dog run, if you have a dog.

Here is some interesting reading about the location. The Strange Boxes of Stonefield Beach

Through a little opening through shrubbery I spied in the parking area when I was returning to my car, I found this interesting sight in a grassy clearing.

Unusual place for a monument.

Here is all I could find on it on the internet. Turns out they’re actually grave markers. Out of Place Graves at Stonefield Beach

A bit further along, I made a quick stop at Devil’s Churn and was looking forward to seeing a seething, rolling, churned up sea.  Unfortunately, there was nothing like that.  I guess the Devil is busy with other things in the world these days.

devil's churn
A rather calm Devil’s Churn

There was a pretty glimpse of the rocky shore through the trees on the trail down to the viewpoint.

beach through trees
I spy the sea!

There are no bathrooms at this beach (Stonefield Beach) in this location, and no cell reception. There are bathrooms and a coffee shop at the Devil’s Churn location. The coffee shop is run by a cranky lady who felt it necessary to tell me I could park in the spot in front of her window for only 15 minutes, despite that it was clearly marked as such. I smiled and said I could read, and would be back long before my time was up.  And I was.

Happy exploring,


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