The Beauty of the Oregon Coast pt.2 – Heceta Beach

Hi BeachBums!

I spent the night in Florence at a wonderful Inn.  I will create a separate post, when the trip is over, detailing where I stayed in each location, with a review.  

Once I got back on the road, I stopped at Heceta Beach. I took the scenic route to this beach, and I highly recommend it. Below is the route, taking Rhododendron Drive right off of Hwy 101. It runs along the shore most of the way and the views are gorgeous.


Again the beach was very very windy – to the point where blowing sand was sandblasting my exposed calves. It wasn’t pleasant so I didn’t stay too long. I walked for about half an hour to the left as I entered the beach, in hopes of finding something to beachcomb. There is an area on the other side of a little creek that runs into the sea that is all rocks and I have a feeling that may reveal some treasures.  I crossed and took a quick look but didn’t find anything.  More time and my rake might have changed that.  Despite all the wind and no treasures, the beach was so beautiful and HUGE and I would go back, especially to stay at the lovely resort there called Driftwood Shores, which I stayed in many years ago. It is right on the beach so the views and sound of the waves from the rooms is spectacular, as I recall.  It was that memory that made me make a stop in Florence in hopes of finding this beach again, so I am super glad I did! 

Panorama of the huge beach, lots of room for everyone and then some!

wet sands of haceta beach
The wind created this weird landscape – bits of wood or weed in the sand.
sand and surf at heceta beach
The crashing waves of Heceta Beach.

Again, sadly, there was no beachcombing to be had here, just a lot of thin broken seashells.

When I continued down the highway, this was the view of Heceta Beach from a pullout.   I mean, WOW!

Haceta beach
Heceta Beach from a high vantage point.

There are bathrooms at this entry point to the beach and pretty good wifi.

More to come,


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