The Beauty of the Oregon Coast pt.1 – Gold Beach

Helloooo BeachBums!

Driving from Crescent City to Florence was spectacular.  Beach after beach after beach all along the way. There were too many to stop at but I did manage a few on the way.

oregon beach view point
Gorgeous views all along the coast

The first one was to eat lunch overlooking a magnificent view.  I don’t know the name of the beach but it was about an hour and a half out of C.C.  There was just one other person there, way down on the beach (I was up on the road on a viewpoint pull-out).  I can’t describe how amazing it was to sit there for half an hour and just drink in that beauty with the sun warming my back and the sound of the waves.  Just glorious. I packed up to leave very reluctantly – I could have easily sat there for two hours or more.

stopping for lunch at the beach
Perfect lunch spot
beach panorama
Lunchtime view

About an hour later I stopped at Gold Beach.  Another beautiful spot with almost no one there.  The turn off for it is right on the highway at the Gold Beach Visitors Center.  The path to the beach is from the parking lot.  There are restrooms at this location, which was much appreciated!

path to gold beach
The path to Gold Beach
waves and sand at gold beach oregon
Gold Beach
gold beach oregon wa
Gold Beach












This beach was super windy, to the point of not being enjoyable. There was also no beachcombing to be had to speak of, although I did find this rock, which made me smile.  I kept it!

I love the beach!

Part 2 tomorrow!

There is good cell reception at this beach (and bathrooms, as mentioned).

Love and Sunshine,


sandy beach bum favicon




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