British Virgin Islands – Spanish Harbour, Virgin Gorda

Hi Beachbums! Virgin Gorda is the third largest island (after Tortola and Anegada) and the second most populated of the British Virgin Islands (BVI).  Spanish Town, on the southwest side, is where the ferry docks from Tortola and where you will find some shopping (including a well-stocked grocery store) and a few restaurants and bars. 


British Virgin Islands – White Bay, Jost Van Dyke

Hey All You Beach Bums!! My first view of Jost Van Dyke, the smallest of the four main islands of the BVI, was from the veranda of a villa nestled high up on the west side of Tortola.  Even at five miles away, I could see a strip of white where the land met the […]


British Virgin Islands – Long Bay, Tortola

Hello BeachBums!! This is the first in a series on beaches in the British Virgin Islands, or BVI – known as Nature’s Little Secret. Renowned as a mecca for sailors, with some of the most beautiful waters and islands in the world, as well as vibrant coral reefs and abundant marine life – it is also […]


Port Townsend’s Glass Beach, WA

Happy Summer BeachBums!! The last beach stop on my trip was Port Townsend’s “Glass Beach” which I discovered when researching the area and came across this video.   He shows finding so many cool pieces that I just HAD to make this a stop.  This area, much like the first Glass Beach I visited on […]


The Beach at Ocean Shores, WA

Welcome all you BeachBums!! The beach at Ocean Shores is huge. The sand is much harder packed than the other beaches I have seen thus far, so lots of vehicles drive up past the high tide line, and they are dwarfed by the sheer size of the beach – it is miles long but also […]


Long Beach, Washington

Hello BeachBums! Long Beach is located on Long Beach Peninsula just over the border from Astoria Oregon – speaking of which; the Astoria Bridge (formally known as the Astoria-Megler Bridge) is CRAZY!  First off, I think it is the tallest bridge I’ve ever seen, secondly it has a wicked steep hill off the west side […]


The Beauty of the Oregon Coast pt.6 – Cannon Beach

Happy Day, BeachBums! Cannon Beach.  What a lovely little town with a gorgeous beach, and the first place where there was no wind to speak of – well not so that it was unpleasant! YAY!  Again, it is a long beach and very wide.  There were a lot of people at this beach, way more […]

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pacific city beach

The Beauty of the Oregon Coast pt.5 – Pacific City

Hey y’all, BeachBums! So I was tootling along, the shadows growing long, and I saw a sign on the 101 for a cutoff to a place called Pacific City.  Not sure why, but my curiosity was instantly piqued and I felt compelled to go take a look so I pulled off and took the short […]

sand and surf agate beach

The Beauty of the Oregon Coast pt.4 – Agate Beach, Newport

Hey BeachBums! So I was really looking forward to visiting Agate Beach because I have just become interested in collecting agates after finding a few in Crescent City at Kellogg Beach and reading up on them.  So a trip to this beach was a must-do! Well, let me tell you – this beach is something […]


The Beauty of the Oregon Coast pt.3 – Stonefield Beach

Hi Again, BeachBums! As I was continuing along the 101, jamming to some newly discovered Tropical House beats, I spied a narrow turn-off with a sign “Stonefield Beach”.  The name intrigued me so I pulled a fast left into a tiny parking area that was almost full of cars – like 6 cars.  Every car […]

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sand and surf at heceta beach

The Beauty of the Oregon Coast pt.2 – Heceta Beach

Hi BeachBums! I spent the night in Florence at a wonderful Inn.  I will create a separate post, when the trip is over, detailing where I stayed in each location, with a review.   Once I got back on the road, I stopped at Heceta Beach. I took the scenic route to this beach, and […]


The Beauty of the Oregon Coast pt.1 – Gold Beach

Helloooo BeachBums! Driving from Crescent City to Florence was spectacular.  Beach after beach after beach all along the way. There were too many to stop at but I did manage a few on the way. The first one was to eat lunch overlooking a magnificent view.  I don’t know the name of the beach but […]

sunny skies over kellogg beach

Beachcombing Kellogg Beach, Crescent City CA

Howdy, BeachBums! Crescent City has a huge beach, right on the 101 that everyone goes to.  I went there and it’s lovely, don’t get me wrong… but I was looking for something else, something different. A bit off the beaten track.  So I did a quick search online and found what I was looking for […]

glass beach

Sea Glass Museum, Ft.Bragg

Hey all BeachBums! So before I left Ft.Bragg for northern beaches, I had two stops I wanted to make.  The first was at the Sea Glass Gallery and Museum which is south on the Hwy about 5 min.   The place is owned and operated by a grizzly curmudgeon of a man, Capt. Cass Forrington. […]

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trestle pudding beach

Pudding Beach, Ft.Bragg

Good day, BeachBums!! Another day, another beach! This beach is easy to find, just look for the huge trestle that crosses it as you head north out of town – there is a left-turn lane off the 101.  It is not a very wide beach, insofar as beaches go on this coast, but it is […]

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misty glass beach

First West Coast Beach Stop: Glass Beach Fort Bragg

Hi there BeachBums! After two long days on the road, I arrived in Ft.Bragg CA to kick off this beach hopping trip with a visit to Glass Beach.  WOW! It did not disappoint.  There is glass everywhere, making up almost half of the beach. The most common color is clear which has been buffeted to […]

island beaches

Come Beach Exploring the West Coast

Hey there BeachBums! Welcome to my new page where all things beach will reign supreme!!   I am in love with the beach… it has been a long and faithful love affair and it shows no signs of letting up.  The waves, the sand, the colors, the scent, the treasures to be found… all lift […]

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Relaxing Waves of Anegada

Hey Beach Bums! Sitting at a desk wishing you were at the beach?  Well do I have something for you!!  Enjoy a few minutes of the sound and sight of waves washing up on the sugar white, powder soft sands of the Caribbean Island of Anegada, BVI.     I hope that helped! Love and […]

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life at the beach

Miami Beach, Florida

Hey BeachBums! Great for people watching, the beach is right beside a busy strip of art deco hotels, great sidewalk restaurant seating, and gift shops filled with souvenirs (mosaic flamingos, anyone?).  The beach is wide and white, the water vibrant shades of blue and bath-water warm.  Just watch out for floating turds in the water […]

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Beach Life Isn’t All Sun and Sand

Hey there BeachBums! Brace yourselves…. So apparently island life isn’t all white sand, warm water, a balmy breeze to keep one cool, and a margarita at hand to keep one cooler. I don’t remember how I came across it, but I was reading a Discovery article about Amelia Earhart. It seems there’s some evidence that she and […]