Beach Life Isn’t All Sun and Sand

Hey there BeachBums!

Brace yourselves….

So apparently island life isn’t all white sand, warm water, a balmy breeze to keep one cool, and a margarita at hand to keep one cooler.

I don’t remember how I came across it, but I was reading a Discovery article about Amelia Earhart. It seems there’s some evidence that she and her flying partner were stranded, and died, on the island of Nikumaroro. Parts of a female skeleton were discovered as well as some artifacts consistent with what would have been with them. The article goes on to say that the rest of the bones were most likely carried off by Coconut Crabs and that, most likely, their giant pincers took care of reducing them to skeletons in the first place. Yuk! So I Googled ‘Coconut Crabs’ and, (insert whatever expletives you like here), I actually recoiled and pushed the chair back from my desk.

And I thought it was just tarantulas and big cockroaches that were the two drawbacks of island life.

Stay safe on those beaches!




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