All items found on the beach, some by simple beachcombing and others with a metal detector.

Displaying Your Beach Treasures

Hi BeachBums! Here are some of the ways I display my beach treasures.  Maybe they will inspire you to get yours out of the drawer and into the sunlight!  The bottles holding the sand are from IKEA and are $1 each. The tags are from Michaels and come in a package of 10 for about […]

trestle pudding beach

Pudding Beach, Ft.Bragg

Good day, BeachBums!! Another day, another beach! This beach is easy to find, just look for the huge trestle that crosses it as you head north out of town – there is a left-turn lane off the 101.  It is not a very wide beach, insofar as beaches go on this coast, but it is […]

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