Here are a few shots of my home and how I put these colours together for a fun, relaxing, beachy theme.  And all done on a budget using reasonably priced items. The hard furnishings such as bookshelves and cabinets are all white to keep it airy; the main color is shades of turquoise and there’s a splash of pink as an accent (because seashells are sometimes pink!).

This is the living room. The shelves and cupboards are Ikea, as is the sofa table and white couch. The turquoise couch is from Wayfair and the coffee table was a second-hand find that I painted to look like an old piece that was repurposed.  The glass cabinet is full of my beachcombing treasures. (I usually have pink tulips in the vase but all the pink ones looked very sad this week so I got the perkier yellow ones).

Living Room
Living Room

Because I live in a small condo, finding storage solutions is a challenge.  I use an Ikea cabinet with glass doors to store and display my nicer dishware.

Storing Nicer Dishware
Storing Nicer Dishware

















I have carried the colour theme right into the kitchen, finding a turquoise toaster, kettle and almost all of my utensils on Amazon – the utensils are mostly by KitchenAid who have a lovely turquoise line.  I also have the turquoise KitchenAid stand mixer – something I have wanted for years and finally splurged.

Storage of everyday dishware
Turquoise Utensils in a desk pen/pencil caddy

















This is the bedroom with an Ikea bed that lifts on hydraulics to provide lots of storage underneath.  The wicker trunk under the window was a garage sale find and it stores my off-season clothing. Both tables were garage sale finds that I repainted – the wicker drawer one had legs on it that made it too tall for a night table so I sawed them off!  The picture above the bed is of the BVI and came as a wall decal but I mounted it on plywood with a frame at the back for hanging.  The shell hanging I just got on my last trip to the Dominican Republic from a beach seller who had many of them hanging from a pole that he carried across his shoulders.  Hard work on a blazing hot day on the beach! (Update: I’ve added a Jelly Catz ruffly pink flamingo and a long hair pink fur throw to the bed – looks so good!!) 


And lastly the bathroom. The shelf – again from Ikea – above the commode for more storage.  I use glass apothecary jars to store lipsticks and lipgloss, and others on the counter for makeup brushes, cotton pads, and q-tips.  I also have a nightstand pitcher with a drinking glass lid for mouthwash. 

Bathroom Storage Solutions
Bathroom Storage Solutions

















I hope you’ve enjoyed this ‘tour’ of my little beachy home.  Everyone who visits says that they feel so relaxed and as if they’re on a vacation in a Caribbean destination.  So… SUCCESS!!!  That is exactly the vibe I was going for.   

Happy Decorating!


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